Tracks are just 2.00 each and you can choose whichever songs you like all on the same disc. Manufacturers available on CustomBurn include Sunfly, Starmaker, Sing to the World, SBI, Zoom Karaoke and Passion House. All tracks are MCPS licensed. You can select anywhere from 6 tracks up to as many as will fit on a 70 minute disc for each custom disc . All tracks are available in both CD+G and DVD format the choice is yours Click the CustomBurn image to be directed to the CustomBurn website where you can start to create your custom disc straight away. You can even give your disc a name and we will print it on the disc for you!


Like CustomBurn, Select-A-Track tracks are only 2.00 each and all tracks are available in both CD+G and DVD format. Select-A-Track tracks are also available as MP3+G downloads for hard-drive based karaoke systems. Manufacturers available on Select-A-Track include Sunfly, Mr Entertainer, Legends, SBI, Zoom and Protrax Karaoke, Kantare, Xtreme, Passionhouse and Abraxa. All tracks on Select-A-Track are MCPS licensed. You can select anywhere from 5 tracks up to as many as will fit on a 70 minute disc for each custom disc you order (3 tracks minimum for download). Click the Select-A-Track image to create your custom disc or download your tracks straight away.

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About Selectatrack

Selectatrack is the worlds number one Karaoke & backing track website. We offer the largest selection of songs on the web, including some of the worlds top karaoke manufacturers & new tracks are added daily. We work very hard to keep our customers happy by getting orders despatched quickly, helping answer any questions you might have and generally making sure you are happy with your purchase. All the tracks we supply are fully-endorsed by the manufacturer and are sold with their permission. A royalty is paid to the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society for every track sold. You can publicly perform with any music you buy from Selectatrack at home or in any public place. You can re-record with your own vocal if only for personal use. You cannot use (with or without your vocal) any music acquired from Selectatrack for the purpose of distribution, manufacturing or broadcasting without additional licensing from Selectatrack and the track manufacturer.

About Custom


1. Search & select tracks 2. Build your own disc 3. Receive your disc 2 to 3 days later!

With Custom Burn you select tracks and build your own karaoke and backing track CDG or DVD discs.  Custom Burn discs give you the freedom of filling every minute of a disc with tracks that you actually want and the massive catalogue of tracks available have been produced by arguably the best manufacturers in the business. Choose from one of the biggest track catalogues available online! Sunfly, Sound Choice, SBI, Sing to the World, Zoom and Starmaker tracks, this much choice from one online store!  Once you have selected the tracks you want, your disc is then produced using a state-of-the-art automated system complete with your chosen personalised title and then sent directly to your door, all within 2 to 3 working days!k, so let's get going! Click on the start button, choose either CDG or DVD, enter a title for your disc and you're ready to begin. Searching for tracks is so easy! You may want to find tracks by a particular artist or group, or you may already know the title of the track you are looking for, enter the name or title and the tracks will appear in the results list, each manufacturers version is indicated by their logo. Not sure which one you want? Well, turn up your speakers and listen to audio clips of them all! Click on the manufacturers logo and decide which one you want to add! You don't even have to think about which order to list them on your disc, because you can move the track order around anytime during the build. All sounds good so far! But what if you're not too sure which tracks you want? Then click on Browse, there are thousands available so we've made it easier to browse through them all by placing them in alphabetical lists. Why not try clicking on New Releases or even take a look at the current Hottest tracks too! You may simply want to put your feet up with a cuppa and browse through the catalogue offline in your own time. If so, click on 'Email Me The Track Catalogue' and you have the option of receiving an up-to-the-minute full track listing in a choice of formats. You can also choose to receive notification of just the latest uploads to the catalogue and regularly be among the first to know when and what new releases have just been added! Every online Custom Burn store is extremely secure and shopping for Custom Burn discs is painless and worry free. If you do have any more questions about Custom Burn discs, take a look in our Help section.

Additional Infomation

CustomBurn and Selectatrack discs are the perfect custom karaoke disc for any karaoke fan.  You can choose from Karaoke CDG, Karaoke DVD or Karaoke MP3 download.  There is a custom karaoke disc for every karaoke machine and karaoke player.  You may ask yourself – why choose a customburn or selectatrack personalised karaoke disc over a standard karaoke disc.  The answer is clear.  You get to choose the karaoke songs you prefer to have on your karaoke disc.  You do not have to have karaoke music that you may not like.  You can choose any song in the world, such as an abba karaoke disc or mamma mia karaoke disc, high school musical karaoke disc, elvis karaoke disc, girls karaoke disc or a mixed karaoke disc with all of your favourite karaoke music on.  Your karaoke machine or karaoke player will very musc appreciate your choice and we think you will be very happy with your custom karaoke disc.